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About PSM Sports Therapy Clinic

PSM Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation Clinic promotes a welcoming, friendly, caring and understanding environment. All our clients are treated on an individual and confidential basis, by fully qualified and experienced staff.

Everyone is welcome, it doesn't matter whether you over exerted yourself on the squash courts, or pulled a muscle navigating the stairs.

Between all the staff we have a wealth of experience enabling us to take you from the initial stages of an injury through to full recovery.

We look forward to meeting you.

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Conditions we treat

PSM Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Clinic has the expertise to treat a full range of musculo-skeletal conditions including:

Muscle spasm
Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)
Tendon, joint & ligament injuries
Tendon, joint & ligament injuries
Shoulder pain
Posture imbalance /realignment
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Gait problems - Flat feet/high arches
Sports related RSI
Shin splints
Post operation rehabilitation
Back Pain
Bowel disorders
Anxiety & panic attacks
Sports specific injuries
Fracture rehabilitation
Personal Training

Treatments Available

Over the years Sports Therapy has progressed from treating 'injured athletes', to dealing with many common muscular complaints such as back pain, mobility problems, postural problems and work related conditions. Our Sports Therapists have experience of working with elite sports people and general members of the public with chronic pains and injuries. Our Sports Therapist and physiotherapist are trained to use the following tools to help identify and treat your specific problem:

Postural Assessments

To identify any imbalances that may be causing (or likely to cause) musculo-skeletal problems. Using a variety of unique bodywork techniques combined with stretching and strengthening exercises, we can assist in improving your posture.

Injury Treatments and Rehabilitation

Once we have identified your problem, we will treat with a combination of Electrotherapy equipment, such as Ultrasound and Interferential, and Manual Therapy.

Sports Massage

Sports massages help to keep muscles supple and toned and keep joints mobile and can improve sporting performance and flexibility. Pre-event sports massage can help to reduce the risk of injury from sprains, strains and muscle tears.

Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massages help alleviate muscular problems, and can assist with reduction of pain, increase range of movement in joints, and rid the muscles of scar tissue. Whiplash, strains and back pain are successfully treated.

Exercise Therapy

Post injury rehabilitation, to help improve performance and ensure your speedy return back to sport, exercise or activity.

Myofascial Release

A relatively new therapy to the UK, Myofascial release has over the past few decades proven to be the most effective form of manual therapy treatment.

Wellness Screening

At PSM we think it is important to take responsibility for you own health. In conjunction with Harley Street we are offering a standardised screening. It will consist of 4 blood tests, Urine test, Saliva test, 2 prong ECG, oxygen and spirometry test, Blood pressure, arterial stress test and full body composition tests. These tests are a very proactive way to optimise your wellbeing. The tests are all very simple but grouped together they can give a lot of insight into your day to day health. Think of it as giving yourself a MOT as you would your car!

Work Station Assessments

Improper use of workstations can lead to fatigue, eye strain and/or musculoskeletal pain or disorder and may lead to long-term injury. Poor ergonomics and workstation set-up have also been shown to contribute towards stress and poor mental health. PSM are here to help we can provide an in-depth assessment of all work stations in accordance with DSE legislation. We will work on behalf of the employer to amend the existing work station to provide the most comfortable and productive setting for the employee.

  Back care classes

This new innovative class has been introduced to the general public.
The back classes will introduce participants to simple but effective stomach and lower back exercises that isolate specific muscles into providing the lower back with more support & stability. There is a progression ladder to climb as the participant becomes stronger the exercises become more difficult and more functional whilst still remaining fun. The aim is to eventually get participants performing exercises on a 'fitball' & the progression from there is to introduce dumb bell, balancing and sport specific group exercises.


Treatment Pricing

Initial Consultation

£ 45

Gait Analysis

£ 50

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