Client Testimonials

As a professional motorcycle rider competing in the World Superbike Series, my body has a lot of wear-and-tear due to various past injuries as well as the position I have to be in whilst competing on my bike. I have found Sarah's massage treatments to be so beneficial to my body maintenance as she knows exactly what pressure to use on the problem areas I have from the intense sports regime and fitness programmes I have to follow. I have been treated by a lot of therapist around the World and Sarah would have to be right up there amongst the best that I have seen. I highly recommend her treatment to any sportsmen / women or anyone who wants a decent, hard massage which will leave you feeling a lot less stiff and more mobile.

Jonathan Rea
World Superbike Rider

Sarah has been treating me during my entire 9-months of pregnancy in which I have suffered a lot of back and pelvic pain due to an ongoing scoliosis problem. No one else was able to relieve the tension and pain in this area like Sarah did and I really owe her a lot for helping me get through my pregnancy the way I have. Be prepared to suffer, as Sarah is not scared to put a lot of pressure during her treatments to get the best results for you but it's very worth it. One treatment with Sarah equals two or three from someone else. She gets the job done.

Tatia Weston
Loyal Customer

Since injuring my back over 20 years ago I had become resigned to life with constant lower back pain. Over this period of time I have seen hospital specialists, had x rays , MRI scans seen hospital physios and chiropractors, none of which came up with a diagnoses or ANY form of suitable treatment plan and a couple of excellent private practice physios, who occasionally gave me some temporary relief from my daily pain. I decided to try something new…enter Sarah.

I can honestly say that she is the best thing to happen to my back. She diagnosed my problem, the only person ever to do so and as a result the treatment that followed has made a huge difference. It is now not uncommon for me to have months of pain free living as opposed to accepting pain or discomfort as part and parcel of daily life.

I now have long periods of time of having what I describe as a “weird feeling” I now realise that this is what being pain free and “normal” is like.

If only Sarah had been practising 20 years ago as I would undoubtedly have been a very different man during this period.

I cannot thank you enough for the relief you have given me over these last couple of years or find the words to describe how invaluable you are. Sarah will always do her very best to fit you in to her already very hectic working day. Whether that means starting work early, finishing late, juggling appointments or missing her dinner in order to give her time to us needy people she will do it.

I have such faith in Sarah that several members of my family has visited her and many of my work colleagues who I have pointed in her direction have also utilised her exceptional skill and talent.

Neal Moffitt

I am employed by Sarah at PSM Sports Injury and Rehabilitation clinic as a sports therapist and physiotherapist. I have been working at this clinic for approximately 10 months. Initially I was employed part time, but this eventually became a full time position in August. Myself and Sarah work very well as a team. Although we rarely see each other due to commitments at two different clinics (one in Douglas and one in Port St Mary), Sarah and myself are often in contact and I always feel very supported in my role. Our approach to treatments may differ slightly at times, but we always aim to achieve the same outcome. The spectrum of clients seen range from adolescent, through to elderly and a large variety of injuries/conditions are often presented. This always keeps my job interesting as I am always kept on my toes as to who will walk through the door next! In addition to my job role, I also help out as a physiotherapist at Vagabonds rugby club (when I’m not playing rugby myself that is), along with offering post event massage services at various events Island wide.

Sam Brennan